Thursday, May 20, 2010

Episode Twelve: Disco Edition!

This week we have an action-packed episode featuring five writers! One of the writers, Ben Segal, is involved in a very cool project called Potential Books Book. Here is Ben's short explanation of the project, " the short version of the idea is that we are asking people to imagine their ideal non-existent book and to write a blurb for it. We're then compiling those blurbs as a little book." You should check it out and submit something.

Episode Twelve: Disco Edition!

* Jungol "Two People"
* Kathryn Regina "Three Weeks Later"
* Mike Young "No Such Thing As a Wild Horse"
* A Lull "Weapons of War"
* David Oprava "Except Sometimes"
* Rob Swift "Rabia - 2nd Movement"
* Ben Segal "Slice Up Your Face but Leave Those Ribbons Hanging" (from his forthcoming chapbook 'Science Fiction Pornography' from Publishing Genius)
* YAWN "Kind of Guy" (Alex Baez Remix)
* CT Ballentine "Grocery Store Launchpad" (recorded live at The Orange Alert Reading Series)

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