Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Episode Nine: Surviving

There are many different types of survival and many different things that put us in a survival mode. This week's episode focuses in a little on the idea of surviving.

Episode Nine: Surviving
* Common Prayer "Us vs. Them"
* Jason Jordan "Surviving"
* The Record Low "What If I'm Wrong"
* Misti Rainwater-Lites selected poems from Sloppy Mouth
* White Hinterland "No Logic" (Alan Wilkis Remix)
* Scott McClanahan "Kidney Stones" (live from the Orange Alert Reading Series)

Additional music from Diego Bernal's new (FREE) album "Besides..."


Monday, April 19, 2010

Episode 8: The Love-i-sode

Love takes on many different forms, and has both positive and negative effects. In this episode of the podcast we explore some of those effects. As usual we utilize different forms and degrees of seriousness and silliness to expose love and all of its flaws.

Episode 8: The Love-i-sode
* Health "USA Boys"
* xTx "Climax or Cry"
* Inlets "In Which, I, Robert"
* Bradley Sands a series of prose poems
* People Like Us & Wobbly "Giant Love Ball"
* Sam Pink "Chapter Nine" (live from the Orange Alert Reading Series)

Additional music by Ducktails.


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Episode Seven: The Poetry Edition

Here is a poetry heavy episode with a hidden plea to help out a local benefit happening next week here in Chicago. If none of that sounds good to you I have also filled it with great new music.

Episode Seven: The Poetry Edition
* Baths "Halls"
* Greg Santos "My Beloved"
* Br'er "Crocus"
* Tao Lin "A Poem Written By A Bear"
* Benefit for The Nicest Man in Chicago
* David Stone reads excerpts from his new collection
* Julianna Barwick "Bode"

Additional music from Gaudi and Mathemagic.


Thursday, April 8, 2010

Episode Six: Somehow It'll Be Good

I received a CD in the mail this week from Jill Summerscontaining five audio short stories called The Diagnosis of Sadness. Of course I was blown away and decided to kick off this episode with one of them. More info on the disc will be coming soon, but you can contact Jill through her website to purchase one now.

Episode Six: Somehow It'll Be Good
* Jill Summers from The Diagnosis of Sadness
* Sleigh Bells "Infinity Guitars"
* Michael Lee Johnson "Electric In The Sun"
* Cast Spells "Pioneer Scalps"
* Patrick Wensink "My Son Thinks He's French"
* Solvent "Loss For Words"

Additional music from Chicago Underground Duo.