Thursday, May 27, 2010

Episode Thirteen: Suckers Wear Sunglasses

Episode Thirteen: Suckers Wear Sunglasses

* The Black Keys "The Next Girl"
* Frank Hinton "Co-morbidity"
* Sunglasses "Stand Fast"
* Woodsman "When the Morning Comes"
* Rebekah Silverman reading "Carnivalia" by Glenn Shaheen
* Suckers "Wild Smile"

Additional music by tonspender.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Episode Twelve: Disco Edition!

This week we have an action-packed episode featuring five writers! One of the writers, Ben Segal, is involved in a very cool project called Potential Books Book. Here is Ben's short explanation of the project, " the short version of the idea is that we are asking people to imagine their ideal non-existent book and to write a blurb for it. We're then compiling those blurbs as a little book." You should check it out and submit something.

Episode Twelve: Disco Edition!

* Jungol "Two People"
* Kathryn Regina "Three Weeks Later"
* Mike Young "No Such Thing As a Wild Horse"
* A Lull "Weapons of War"
* David Oprava "Except Sometimes"
* Rob Swift "Rabia - 2nd Movement"
* Ben Segal "Slice Up Your Face but Leave Those Ribbons Hanging" (from his forthcoming chapbook 'Science Fiction Pornography' from Publishing Genius)
* YAWN "Kind of Guy" (Alex Baez Remix)
* CT Ballentine "Grocery Store Launchpad" (recorded live at The Orange Alert Reading Series)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Episode Eleven: Beautiful Books

This weeks episode is an attempt to study the intricacies of sound. I hope you enjoy it.

Episode Eleven: Beautiful Books

* The Books "Beautiful People"
* J.A. Tyler "Woods 1 - 5"
* Dada Trash Collage "In Season"
* Jac Jemc "Roundabout The Bottom"
* Maxilla Blue "Bendable Boxcars"
* Christopher Cunningham "Three Poems"
* Aleathia Drehmer "The Night Comes Quiet" (previously published in Hobo Camp Review)
* The Deer Tracks "Isbjrnskatten"

Additional music from Inca Orange.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Episode Ten: Robots in the Shadows

This week we explore a current trend in popular music that I hope every one will enjoy. Several bands right now are regressing back an era in music that was filled with surf, bubble, and harmonies. We look at four of the hundreds of band playing around with this sound.

Episode Ten: Robots in the Shadows
* Cults "Most Wanted"
* Kathryn Regina "Sometime When On Fire"
* Tim Hall excerpt from Full Of It
* Hollows "Shadows In The Dark"
* J Bradley "The Serial Rapist Sitting Behind You is a Robot"
* Magic Kids "Hey Boy"
* Michael Bible "The Midnight Radio Show"
* Dum Dum Girls "Jail La La"

Additional music from Tadoma. Tadoma is performing at Empty Bottle here in Chicago on May 9th.