Thursday, March 4, 2010

Episode One: The Introduction

Welcome to the first edition of The Orange Alert Podcast. Twice a month we will present a 30 minute collection of music, literature, and art highlighting items you may or may not have seen before on Orange Alert.

Podcast One: March 5th, 2010
* In Tall Buildings "The Way to a Monster's Liar"
* Jamie Iredell reads an excerpt from "Prose. Poems. A Novel"
* Judson Claiborne "Songs for Dreaming"
* A review of two new art books from Parking Block Publishing
* Saadi "Birds"
* Mel Bosworth "Butler Creek"
* Free The Robots "Orion's Belt Buckle"
* Ryan W. Bradley reads an excerpt from "Who Killed Owen Wilson?"
* Boy Eats Drum Machine "Hoop + Wire"


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