Thursday, June 17, 2010

Episode Sixteen: The Smiths-i-sode

I could have easily made this into a two hour episode, but I tried my best to keep it around thirty minutes. I have been a Morrissey fan for a long time and I am finally getting to pay him a little tribute. His lyrics are what keep me coming back, and hopefully that is what will come through in this episode.

Episode Sixteen: The Smith-i-sode
* The Ukrainians: Koroleva Ne Polerma (The Queen Is Dead)
* Amy Guth: There Is a Light That Never Goes Out
* V.V. Brown: This Charming Man
* Zee Avi: First of The Gang To Die
* Mel Bosworth: Reel Around The Fountain
* The Welcome Wagon: Half A Person
* J Mascis: The Boy With A Thorn in His Side
* The Very Most: Cemetry Gates
* xTx: Meat is Murder
* Colin Meloy: Jack The Ripper
* Spanish Prisoners: Still Ill
* Ben Tanzer: Bigmouth Strikes Again
* Exit Clov: Sing Your Life


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